Friday, October 16, 2009

Tough Girls Guide to Getting Your Mojo Back

Fashion that Fits and Flatters at

Have you noticed everyone wants to take your picture at the Doctor office lately? What's with that? I went to the oncologist the other day, the nurse assistant kept asking my birthdate. Like 3 times. By the third time I was concerned. Then she giggled and said " Well, this picture they have on here doesn't look anything like you!" Wow. I felt like saying, "Yes, well, cancer has a way of aging you really fast. Not to mention what it does to your a**!" But I just smiled instead.

So, when the opportunity for Tough Girls to unite with a stylist and make up artist came along, I jumped at the chance. It's not just the hair or the make up, it's really about feeling good and putting the 'sass' back in 'sassy'. So, if your in the Phoenix area, please join us for "The Tough Girls Guide to Getting Your Mojo Back" sponsored by Leidan Mitchell Salon in Central Phoenix. Angela Waters will be giving mini make overs, a massage therapist will be on hand for massage techniques that help alleviate swelling, stress and scar tissue build up. We're having organic juice bar and lots of fun.

Visit Our Life After Cancer for details~ or call 480.323.5280 email ~ make it easy on yourself.

For all our Tough Girls not in the area, would you be interested in a video clip with amazing tips? It's the best I could think of short of flying everyone in for the occasion.
But don't wait for us to get your Mojo back- goes through body types and finds the clothes that fits you best. Very cool for a short Tough Girl like me with my menopausal butt. :)

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